What has helped me and the stages I've been through

I found what helped me pull through a lot of my emotional woes and thinking problems was coming to the conclusion something was telepathically manipulating my mind. This did not just come from out of a vacuum mind you, I started to seemingly communicate with something telepathically and it told me how it was manipulating my mind years previously and then did demonstrations seemingly of how this was achieved, such as on verbal cue seemingly inhibiting cognition on the fly, or changing my psychological state.

I tried to be objective about the experience and explored what exactly I was dealing with. I analyzed all the different theories, such as psychotronics, and I came to the final conclusion relatively early on that the experience fit the category of the paranormal. I spent a lot of time engaging in communication with it deeper and deeper, and I am definitely convinced it is not the product of my subconscious mind.

Anyway, by understanding something was influencing my consciousness I found it helped me to identity what I discerned to be a manipulation and not a natural product of my consciousness. This gave me new grounding in the years to come, and I really think this saved my life to come to this new sense of reality.

I’ve believed this for a great many years now and my position hasn’t really changed all that much, although it has evolved, I really don’t see it changing. I’ve been on very powerful doses of antipsychotics and my telepathic attacks/hallucinations were in their climax then and not now.

I understand this pisses a great many of you off, but that is my experience with this situation. If there is ever a "cure’, let me know, and I will happily try to forget about this whole mess. Until then, I will continue to talk about it!


You should revise this somewhat…

For example. I had a strong sense of self which allowed me to comment on things going on and was a place to hide and deal with the world. I rarely heard voices in the traditional sense…

Still. I went psychotic …no drugs involved so that must mean something?

Years later and a lot of pharma pills and maybye I’m revising things…Maybye that strong, central thought process was similar to a strong, central voice which commented on everything I did?

Ahhh… No one’s experience is the same but it’s surprising how we all go through a similar thing…

Simply put…your not being objective…your being symptomatic…and that is a problem!

A friend in the Endless struggle,


Well if we really want to be objective about it, there are many many thousands of people who identify as targeted individuals, and many more thousands of people who believe they’ve had a paranormal experience. On the other hand, this forum has maybe 30 dedicated posters who buy into the theory it is our own minds torturing us, and it is the official site for people who have this theory that actually experience something outside the norm.

That is waay deep,I just think that there is a underground world wide satanic cult that satan gave special powers to, telepathy being one but they can do more than that,and some that aren’t in the cult are receptive and can hear them comunicating with their minds.

This is what is called sorcery in the bible.

Yup, sending demonic entities to attack someone would constitute as sorcery, assuming humans were involved.


It’s all about symptom sets.

Psychosis and depressive breaks reflect an underlying chemical change within the brain. It’s measureable and it’s a real thing. Medications make a difference over placebo!

Truly. Paranoia covers a lot of ground but a schizophrenics paranoia isn’t the same as a gun nut in Kentucky…it’s a result of a chemical difference in the brain!

Seen this site over a long number of years and you see it all…what you are saying isn’t different. What I’m saying is that it’s not the aliens that’ll get you…it’s probably the non medications that your avoiding…and then…

If your not symptomatic…your a tourist. A tourist is someone who looks for answers that no one can answer to explain why their life is a fockup…Your looking for things to justify your existence…that isn’t good for a website like this where it’s been proven that medications are the only proven model for moving forward.

A friend,


Well simply put, statistically the majority of people with this label continue to “hallucinate” on a regular basis while on medication, 30 percent of which have no response to medication at all.

And of course you won’t listen to the people or the church on those who’ve found relief through spiritual means.

They could be non human I was trying literally sniff out the demons but couldn’t find any,theres that nutcase that says the British royal family are lizards disguised as humans, it sounds dumb but there may be something to it.

Let’s face it, this largely has to do with confirmation bias on your part and how much stock you put in your world view. My guess is you are a strong atheist and hate Christianity and the pope, although you probably are soft on Muslims being a leftist, cultural relativist. I bet you are also a moral nihilist and don’t even believe in an objective moral right and wrong, making me not trust a word you say. I would hate to live in the society you would create.


Your quotes on percentage are rubbish but YES! People on medications don’t get better but that percentage is changing with targeted antipsychotics.

My society would be full of love and no schizophrenia…Your society is full of lizard people.

I take my pills and do really well. I don’t work, but I live a rich and varied life…

Good luck with your rubbish…cause that is all it is…it’s not even your politic…it’s borrowed from other rubbish…


Well I know people who don’t take pills and don’t buy into your spiel and are doing a lot better than you.

Everyone is different

Charlie Sheen…Your winning! I guess he got lucky cause he snorted a lot of coke to get there…

Your just snorting rubbish…good luck to you! haha

I wish you two would play nice. Symptoms are as varied as coping skills, and you can only look at yourself objectively, the part that makes it hard for me is that I can try all day to explain the way I feel, but I know that not a single person on this earth will ever truly understand exactly what i’m going through.