What has ever given you a feeling of awe?

Watching Dan Gabel win the gold medal in his weight class in freestyle wrestling in the 1972 Olympics. Not one opponent scored a single point on him. It’s never been done before or since. He pinned all his opponents but two. One of them should have been disqualified for stalling. Gabel beat him by about twenty points, and the other was hand picked by the Russians looking all over their country to find a wrestler who could beat Dan Gabel. Gabel beat him 3 - 0, but Gabel’s score would have been much higher if they had used modern scoring on the match. The Russian knew he was beaten after he wrestled Dan.

Each of my three cats. I would just sometimes do nothing but look in awe at them for being such miraculous little beings.

I miss them. They’re all passed now.


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