What happins when my dad goes on?

i live with my dad. and i only get like 500$ a month i know i should get more. but that’s a long story why i only get that much. but the only person i have in my life is my dad. and he is 54 years old. i am 25 years old. and he is my major money support. right now. and i think a lot if he dies in like 5 to 10 years. what in the hex will i do yes my money will go up. but you cant live on only 875$ a month. cause it scares me to death. cause i don’t want to be that dude who has SZ and be homeless. yea their motels and stuff. but that’s not a life. yea its better that being homeless. but i worry about that a lot. thanks for letting me vent that out.

Well, your dad is only 54 so hopefully you won’t have to worry about that for a long while yet.
But, when it happens, if you still don’t have any other support system, I would think a group home would be an option for you. There are some that just take a portion of your SS income.
If you’re already getting money from social security, they should be able to help you with housing.
There are a lot of options. Take a look at this page.


thanks a lot that helped a lot

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I’m glad to help :smile:

Tell your Dad that you love him every day.

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Your dad should have life insurance in case the unthinkable (to him maybe-54 isn’t that old) happens so you would at least have a house to live in that’s paid for?