What happens when you sleep?

When I sleep. I am conscious in my dreams, and drift in and out and back and forth

I don’t get voices during the day often, but sleep is a problem because I think defences are lowered, and the broken way of thinking creeps in

Not that I don’t get REM sleep though

Sometimes I think about it and wish I could live in that state forever.

Life is hard and pedestrian, but the experiences I have and the structure of my sleep and dreaming is a hell of a lot more interesting than life itself


sleeping, eating, drinking, peeing, pooping,

its all just too much sometimes.

From past few weeks I like the state just before I fall a sleep.

Its that exact moment I feel the meds does not stop me from my thoughts expansion.

Its not big ideas or bigger purpose thoughts.

Its just something that was stopping my thoughts, in thinking meaningful.

Example: Yesterday before I fall a sleep, I got to know the extent how people think.
Everyones action is the result of their planned actions.
But I have nothing planned. I feel like am talking with no base meaning.
Like talking for just the sake of talking.

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I LOVE sleeping and I am suffering from insomnia right now. I have flown in my dreams and even had the universe talking to me. My dreams are interesting and entertaining. I have always loved sleeping and I love it more now since I have been so bored and depressed with my mental disability. I get REM sleep when I sleep but I don’t get enough sleep.
Oh yeah, and I have an alter ego that gets up when I am sleeping and does magical things! Of course, I realize that could just be a delusion.

Lately in my sleep I’ve been having disturbing dreams.

I am full of excitement and creativity, sometimes good, sometimes bad, when I sleep. Sometimes I wonder if my sleep is more important (in my development) than my waking hours.

I believe when we sleep we’re connected to the collective consciousness. It’s when the magic happens. But I’m the one who gives too much meaning to their dreams. So maybe I’m wrong.

Some dreams some not.

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