What happens when you can't trust the people you have to live with?

To me, I developed a dream life. Then, when my dreams were shattered, I became mentally ill.


When I used to live with my sister years ago. She stole money off me. My mental health deteriorated after that. I couldnt trust my own family. I have a husband and son now. I have trust issues now and again (unprovoked) they are totally honest people. Why did my sister do this to me?

Siblings fight for attention. Did yo tell your parents about what your sister did?

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My mum worked all the time. I reported the incident to the police I didn’t know the money that disappeared from my bank account was fraudulently planned by my own sister until police showed me cameras. She went to my bank with my card pretending to be me. I wanted to press charges. My mum begged me not to go ahead with it. So I let the whole thing go out of respect for my mum. My mum is now dead. My sister I do still talk to, but she always gets away with things. I feel like I made the wrong choice listening to my mum. Because I loved her. (the family is broken anyway)

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She probably feels like the unloved child. Do you have other siblings?

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Another younger sister who is my soul mate. We get on like a house on fire. I’ve 2 older siblings. I don’t see either of them. One is a brother who lives in Hong Kong, not seen him in over 20 years

I’m guessing the sis that stole is feeling like the left out one. Did she return the money she stole?

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Yes it was 500 pounds but I know it was my mum who gave her it. She would never have got it herself. Or she wouldn’t have stolen it to begin with. She was very spoilt and got away with everything. She did apologise. And I know she stole from my other sister too

Your mother is the one who stole it? I thought you said the officer proved it was your sister.

I didn’t say that. I meant my mum gave her the money to pretend it was from my sister. And to apologise. When she apologised she gave me 500 pounds back. I believe my sis kept the original money she stole

So your mother paid for your sister’s theft?

Yes basically. That is what I believe to have happened

But you don’t know for sure? Why don’t you ask your sister?

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I feel embarrassed to ask her

You need to settle the score if you want any honesty in your relationship. I encourage you to ask her.

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Thanks. Your responses gave given me great insight.

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