What happens in a typical therapy session?

I’ve never seen a therapist for my issues before, as mentioned in a previous post, though I am building up the courage to do so. If you don’t mind sharing to help ease my nerves, what do you guys normally talk about/do in your sessions? I have no idea what to expect.

You talk about your problems. They give you feedback and sometimes advice or suggestions. If you are like me they will try to build your self-esteem and confidence and try to get you to feel good about yourself. I went out to coffee with my therapist and I drove!! She also came with me to check out a potential job I needed. They are trained to be good listeners and non-judgmental.I find that female therapist will not attack you or put you down while my male therapists are more blunt and may rib me and give me a hard time like any guy would do. I don’t mean “over-the-top” put downs, just guy stuff. I’ve had several diffeent therapists over the years and no two are alike. They all have different personalities that come into play.
But the idea behind seeing a therapist is having a safe place to talk. It’s also non-pressure. You can share things that may be embarrassing and private but you don’t have to tell them every detail of your life. Especially in your first several visits. But you can tell them personal stuff. once you get comfortable with them. The hot trend now is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in which the therapist tries to help you change any behaviur and thoughts that troubling you or affecting your life in a negative way. They will guide you through teaching you new behaviur in place of bad behavior and bad thoughts you’re having.

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It depends on the quality of the therapist. A good therapist will draw you out, engage you, and suggest good techniques and ideas. A poor therapist will nod and shake their head or repeat what you say back to you in the form of a question.

If you find yourself with a therapist who just stares at you until you’re so uncomfortable that you start talking to just break the tension, run.


Ok. If you see a social worker therapist - LMSW - training is pretty bad.

You need to be aware what gang stalking/cause stalking/thought broadcasting are by google and read up. You will see over 1.5 million hits for this yet mental care claims this is delusional, which just means they will not help you with the psychotic strangers who deal with their schizo by following orders from the voices. Some churches are even teaching their people to do this to strangers by stalking/verbally harassing a stranger about something private & really bother people on disability checks. These churches are non-denominational or pentacostal…If you try to attend, you will likely be mistreated and none of the other people will even stick up for an established parishioner – these churches claim they follow ‘Jesus’. Some of the people who gang stalk will get forced into doing worse like vandalism, trespassing, burglary, harassing coworkers to get them fired, ruining work for customers and even date a person with intent to harm them by finances, battery or cheating…This is the way a lot of closet schizos deal with the voices…Mental care denies this. If you get upset with your mental care provider, you will be thrown in the mental hospital at your own expense for as long as you care can justify which could leave you unemployed and even homeless…So, if you want coaching to deal with these ‘social issues’ of schizo, the psych care may actually frustrate you more as they refuse to assist…

Many of the therapists have only the training of reading self help books to offer their patients while the social worker therapists are really just interventionists who know when to have you called in for forced mental care for getting too upset…

I was terribly disappointed and even had one therapists making threats about mental hospitalizing me when I got frustrated with the care in the future & I was calm and cooperative while she was making these threats. Another therapists just bounced between yelling my current diagnosis at me…I won’t return for therapy, even if I needed a referee for a couple’s fight.

When I am in psychotherapy I tend to intellectualize everything. It makes for unsatisfying therapy. I had one therapist who had a god complex. He was going to tell me why I did everything, when in fact that wasn’t the reason. Having a god complex is a pitfall for many psychotherapists. I really don’t see myself benefiting from psychotherapy.

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I usually will walk into the room and my therapist will ask me “How are you doing?” These words act as a catalyst - This will spark up conversation and then I will proceed to tell her how I am feeling and what is on my mind. Some therapists will initiate conversation - doing most of the talking - Other therapists will be good listeners (my therapist) she will listen then when I bring up something - she will respond accordingly.
Each therapist will conduct sessions differently. My last therapist, was a bit of the nervous type - she would do a lot of unnecessary talking - asking me a lot of questions - gauging me. My current therapist talks when I have a concern or question,she is a better listener than my old therapist - then she responds with a lot of thought and precision behind it.
I am just getting used to my current therapist’s style - she expects me to open up to her and tell her what is on my mind - while my last therapist was more engaging

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