What happens in 2021

by then many people you had known may have died from the virus, and shortage is rampage , small things seam like a bigger task. and look who in office………

I got a related question: Do people that live in the USA consider moving out of the country due to the insanity of the events that happened lately?

No, I’m not going to move out of the country. I’m 61 years old, and am too old to move. I’m just happy that I have a government subsidized apartment that I can afford.

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yes, i have a contingency plan

Solar flares or something big…maybe.

i’ve thought about moving to europe or canada or south america. but i think im stuck here, because of my misdemeanor and diagnosis, and i probably couldnt afford to move to another country. but i am looking at moving within america.

i once promised a judge i was going to expatriate. but still haven’t.

Once the virus is no longer a thing, we can probably look forward to a lot of empty real estate in shopping centers everywhere, a lot like the recession we had back when I was graduating college.

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Hmmmm maybe I’ll finally get my hair treatment…so far there’s been no yes for it being open although many other things have

We live in the greatest country :us:and many were dying to get in and why my great grandparents all came here.
Well now it’s going to take a while let’s just stay in our own countries stay safe and we’ll see you all later.
Don’t believe the media that exaggerates everything for some kind of political means. There are people that got nothing better to do than to cause trouble. But they didn’t have a job back when they were plenty and they weren’t planning on having one either, they love free stuff available and learn how to do nothing.
I’m sure every country has some that make excuses. I’m talking able-bodied and able mind people here.
We’re probably the most discriminated against in every culture so tell me about it.

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