What happens if you get banned?

I attend an action group at my clubhouse and we although aloud to discuss political topics that relates to our charity we are not aloud to be affiliated with any political parties.
So I’d say politics are ok just try to remain neutral
In an ideal world,

@anon9798425 can I ask if that banner is something that might happen?

I’m not your therapist. When you decide to act like a little brat, I’m going to tell you that you’re acting like a brat and treat you the way I would treat a brat.

I don’t see any point in keeping this thread open. Frankly, you all have very strange ideas about why you were banned and what our responsibilities as mods are.

I’m closing this thread, and per the rule about not discussing moderator decisions, I will suspend anyone who continues this discussion. I don’t have time to babysit you all.

I posted about it in the staff category yesterday. We’re waiting for approval from szadmin.