What happens if i run naked in public whats the worse can happen

im not going to do it, but just a thought. Anybody ever thought about it. who the cops shoot you lol or taze you lol

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Taze, pepper spray, tackle, then charge you with a bunch of indecent exposure crimes.

Not a good time


omg but it would be worth it, the thrill you get. the adrenaline rush. just hire a good lawyer.



Could be nothing,

Could get you registered as a sex offender.


Lol! Maybe


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they do it all the time soccer games and football games, its funny.

Uh, as David Niven said at the 1974 Oscars when a streaker ran behind him, “You might expose your “shortcomings” to the world.”


lol he has short pecker.

which country is it legal to run naked in public.

2 guys walked naked in my mental hospital, security stopped them lol

Maybe Netherlands, prostitution is legal there lol

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It’s indecency. I don’t know if you’d get put on a sex offender list.


it’s funny to me you mention this, because just yesterday, i was wondering what i was willing to do to get institutioinalized as im not suicidal or violent. but the thought of streaking through the courthouse came to mind. i think i will just ask my pdoc for a hospital stay. you never know what a cop will do to you. and plus criminal charges, not worth it.


lol so im not only think about it. lol

But seriously maybe there is kids around you, you will get jailed


i want to know how it feels like to run naked in streets.

Ppl will think you’re crazy.

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You live in USA, right? In that case being shot as a threat is a real possibility.

If you live in India and are a Sadhu then being naked is normal.

im think it would be fun though. i run really fast so they cant catch me, it will be fun.


Running naked, the way I see it it’s just a funny thing to do.