What happened?

I received a message saying my post was flagged because it was offensive. What did I say that was so bad? I don’t understand. I just talked about coffee.
I’m sorry I never meant to offend…:cry:

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It’s a bug in the system, don’t worry

Yes. There’s a problem with the software apparently.

Discourse has lowered the flag threshold to one. I’m sure it will be changed back when szadmin sees it.

If anyone abuses this, we will suspend them. So don’t worry about the flags. :slight_smile:

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Szadmin just replied and is changing the flag threshold. Problem solved! :smile:


This is the only flag I care about.


Thanks guys! I appreciate it

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I’m not sure if this is allowed (if not, I will open another thread, but I though it can belong to this category).

Some days ago I made a post and received a message about it temporarily hidden because of possible SPAM.
That message (neither one of I wrote) is not SPAM, but it’s still not approved.

What can I do?


Sorry, you got caught in our automated spam filter. It shouldn’t do it again.

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It did It again :frowning:

Okay, I tried something else. Let me know if it happens again.