What happened to Thanksgiving?

I’ll probably have pasta that day


Thanksgiving is a dress rehearsal for Christmas. Try your odd dishes on Thanksgiving to see if they work for Christmas.

Thanksgiving used to be one of my favorite holidays because it seemed to be less commercially driven than other holidays. Then I got older and realized that it had fallen victim to one of the biggest consumerist days of the year… Black Friday!!!111!1!1one!!! Fortunately this year a lot of stores aren’t opening up on Thanskgiving.


I like how you have a Christmas avatar already. I’m gonna follow suit!



Time flies man, seems like just yesterday everyone was wearing 2020 santa hats on their avatars.

Last year if memory serves we got a Cajun turkey from Popeye’s.

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My Dad passed away August 28th. We are celebrating his life on Thanksgiving. That was his favorite holiday. He always burned the bird with honey and brandy every year. This year I will have to do that. We didn’t have a service because of Covid. He died from Covid. Won’t be the same without him.


I’m excited to try out altering my stuffing recipe. I plan to make two pan this year. My normal in one and altered in the other.

Typically I use:

*1/2 biscuits, crumbled
*1/2 Jiffy corn muffin mix(baked and crumbled)
1 big onion chopped
Sage to taste (I like lots)
A few stalks celery, chopped
About 3 boiled eggs, chopped
Turkey broth
3 or 4 raw eggs

Everything gets mixed together with enough turkey broth to make it sloppy. Then bake it until pulling away from the pan on the edges. It’s sooo good.

But in the altered I am adding cooked and crumbled Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage and chopped chestnuts.

  • the 1/2 just means a 1 to 1 ratio of corn bread and biscuit bread. I make about a 9x13 pan of biscuit dough and the same of corn bread

I used to go to my parents house for Thanksgiving, but haven’t since my mom passed.
This year my GF is having part of her family the day before and part on the actual holiday. Family conflicts, etc won’t allow everyone to gather at once.
I get two Thanksgiving meals in a row. Hopefully there will be enough turkey left for those killer turkey sandwiches afterwards.

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I must say, Thanksgiving is a hard day for me. This Thanksgiving will mark 4 years clean from self harm for me. You’d think I’d be proud of myself for it but it’s always a hard day for me


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