What happened to MeghillaGorilla?

Did he change his name? Get his account anonymised? There’s no @meghillagorilla anymore??

I think Deputy Dog and Snagglepuss might have a clue as to where he is.

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He decided to leave the forum for good.
His account is now Anonymized.


Oh damn, I really liked him.


Why did he decide to leave the forum for good? Last I heard of him he was seeing a different pdoc, and she said he might not be sz but some sort of bipolar. I believe they were tapering him off antipsychotics to see if he would be alright without them. Is he cured now or what?

That would be great if he was cured. He certainly needed a win. It would be good to know that his life improved though.

He had his own reasons for leaving.
I forget what they were.
There is no cure for Schizophrenia.

Yes. True. His pdoc thought he might be misdiagnosed. That was the possible conclusion.

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The dude was bipolar.