What goes good with your morning coffee?

For me it’s a little stevia, milk and some self pleasure before the morning shower and meds.

Forum… :slight_smile:

Great answer @sarad is it a daily thing for you?

Daily, and if I’m stuck in the house with kid, than hourly. :blush:

Cigarettes :smoking:

biscuits! Maybe a packet of crisps. (I don’t have my morning coffee with breakfast, I have it later)

Coffee and ecig for me.

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Donuts !! (and cigs) I take my coffee with coffee mate.

I will come on here and post first thing in the morning - I will also go for a walk first thing in the morning, as I get agitated in the mornings - wired.

I usually smoke half a cig with my coffee then put it out, then charge my phone and login on here. I sometimes bring my coffee to bed.

I hate mornings because I wake up in withdrawal from several drugs. Like right now I am waiting for my first batch of crap to kick in and about to eat and take Geodon.

I hate mornings. It’s a routine from hell. I also throw up right when I wake up, I think I threw up my propranolol–gonna wait an hour, then take my blood pressure and see if I need to take another one. But a type one error in this case would mean passing out, and I have an exam today.

■■■■ mornings this is why I hate them.

:cake: + :ice_cream: = :smiley:
take care :alien: