What gives you peace of mind?

For myself, it’s God…just staying closely in prayer lately has given me much peace…I don’t feel lonely, I don’t feel depressed, and I am not afraid anymore…? I don’t know how people get through life without God? I am considering going to church with my art instructor but have still deep seated phobias concerning church…I just want to take communion but don’t think I will make it…has to do with my experience while delusional…plus I’m agoraphobic…takes all I can do just to go to the grocery store and the bank…anyways, I just wondered what all of you do for peace of mind?

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The feeling of God’s presence. Hope church works out for you.

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Right now I’d have to say I don’t know. I don’t have much peace in my mind. Been very “out of it” all day today.

I went to church today. I heard a lot of happy thoughts and loving everybody words. The snacks were good.

Centering. Not thinking. Not trying to figure out something, but instead just letting things be, and just being myself, not worrying about other people.

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take care


Lying to myself and ignoring how horrible this is.

I would have to say my meds - but staying next to my beloved dog grounds me and keeps me at peace


You don’t have to go to church to connect with God. I do so in nature and in my own home. I know God answers prayer big time. I see the reality of the manifestations. I can see Gods hand through nature and through little signs by people, sometimes not even knowing what they are doing. I see things happening recently that God showed me months ago would happen, and I held on by faith for them.

hearing no voices, having silence gives me peace
either that or getting lost in creative endeavors

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Being right with God gives me peace, fulfilling my spiritual duties like prayer and fasting, and looking at the sea, and being embraced by my husband.

Well I am an atheist and Buddhism inclined. But I dont believe in gods or the idea of gods. So technically that makes me a straight up atheist. But to answer your main question, I get peace of mind by trying my best, giving an honest effort and then being able to relax afterwards. Like last semester, I made a 4.0, but whoa did it drain me. I was emotionally, physically, psychologically drained, just exhausted in every way coming out of finals. I have been taking time off school, no summer classes, and I still feel like I need to rest more.

I was on a competitive powerlifting team for a month, got too obsessed with it, got into some disagreements and was kicked off (I was supposed to take insults but not give them back out, thats how it works, apparently) and am now gonna just lift for recreation and throw in some bodybuilding, its a new trend in weightlifting called powerbuilding or power-bodybuilding, its basically powerlifting training plus a full bodybuilding workout afterwards. I did shoulders, arms and calves on friday and my calves, my smallest weakest muscles, not used in powerlifting, are so sore you cant imagine it.

Sorry I havent had my coffee I just ranted about weightlifting again. But yeah I find peace in things like spending time with my family, like smoking a cigar with my uncle yesterday, it was very peaceful, visiting my grandparents, that was very pleasant, going to the pet store for some stuff with my mom, that’s nice, staying out until 3am with some old friends on friday, that was nice, human interaction makes me feel more at peace. Just to be able to get away from myself, we schizophrenics are our own worst enemies I do believe.

I feel pretty at peace right now. Im taking today off working out, I usually do squats on mondays but my calves are too sore to walk fast and I set a big personal record less than a week ago with squats, 365lbs for five reps, which is over twice my weight, Im 170 so I am just gonna finish a TV show and maybe watch a movie with my cousin, he mentioned doing that today or tomorrow.

But this is all down time, the working out, the entertaining myself, the visiting friends and family. In the school year I go to class, hit the gym and dont waste a minute, eat quickly, drink my coffee and brood while smoking a cigarette, study, brood, study, sleep less, do homework, write papers, it sucks. I just go through the motions, stay caffeinated and somehow make straight A’s, I really wonder how I do it sometimes.

I get so lazy around spring break every year, this past spring break a buddy of mine and I watched anime ALL DAY and drank beer during the day for a whole week, we did a few hours of work on like three cups of coffee, literally wrote a whole paper in one sitting in like 2 hours, then cracked open beers and watched anime for the rest of the day. No weights were lifted. We got so retarded, I showed up one day at like noon and he was sitting in his media room with a blanket on him, on the middle of the floor with his laptop in his lap and he said he had been playing a game all night and just had a few hours of sleep.


Do keep in mind that I dont experience many symptoms and am considered recovered by my doctors. I get some flare ups with stress but when things are all steady and I am taking meds and sleeping on schedule, I am upwards of 90% symptom free, up to 99% when things are going very well.

Open windows with a breeze -

i like the sound of running water, i can sit by the river if i feel really bad and try and sort out my thoughts but i still need medication despite this.

Rivers ARE my medication!
We did this over the weekend actually…stood right in the middle of a river like this

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i use to love fishing, i use to go fishing when i was younger, lochs, rivers and fisheries, i mean catching a fish was just a bonus but its the thrill of being up to your waist in the middle of a river on a nice day casting a line in and hoping for the best, when i get my driving license i’m going to do a tour of all the rivers i can find, i have all the equipment, catch and release of course unless its a big one.