What fuels your mood...?

what fuels your mood.?

Many things fuel my mood. Optimistic people, fond memories and for now, the coming of spring.


i avoid things that are triggering, anything too negative.
coffee makes me feel good and food.
take care

My moods are unpredictable. My moods are all over the map. I take Lithium to even me out, but I am quick to anger. Working on that. I’m usually pretty blase, but sometimes people throw a monkey wrench into my mood.

What makes me happy includes; long walks, happy memories, creating art, playing guitar and when I think positively of my future. I’m trying to embrace mindfulness as apart from walks, guitar and art I’m not very happy in the present I’m still trying to get an even keel with my illness where I don’t dip into phases at levels of high anxiety, I’m very confused as to what is actually happening at present I’m in a phase where I’m exhausted and have had enough of my mind lying to me which includes doubting everything, it’s making me very sad, I just want a balance but I’m working towards it.

Music does a lot to fuel my moods. I listen to music for hours each day, while I’m taking my several walks per day. And when I’m not listening to it, I’m creating it on piano. I’ve also gotten into singing lately, but I’m just average.

The weather also fuels my moods. Warmth, sunshine, spring and summer seasons, all give me a lot of positive energy and inspiration.

And of course, my friendships. Most of my friends are very funny, and we just sit and laugh for hours. I really look forward to their weekly visits.

These things may sound easy, but it’s actually taken me years to cultivate. I’m glad I put in the effort, because it’s really paid off!




Pessimism and pessimistic people, complaining, mutually complaining with others.

Music of course.

Apparently windy nights, there is one outside right now, it really livens things up.

Kindness, acts of kindness.