What football teams you support?

What football teams you support

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If you’re referring to American football, the Detroit Lions. I actually have their logo tattooed on me, a die-hard fan. I don’t know if you’re from another country, referring to soccer, though. I don’t follow soccer at all.

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Same here. I am a Saints and LSU fan. Have no interest in soccer

I’m from Detroit. I’m a lions fan too. Are you from Michigan?

I’m from Oklahoma, and the team I like best is the Oklahoma Sooners. I also have a mild interest in the New England Patriots, and I want them to win the Super Bowl simply because it hasn’t been won that many time by the same team. If New England wins the Super Bowl Tom Brady will have six Super Bowl wins to his credit. Kind of a freak of nature. Freaky and fascinating.

I’m in Australia so I support NRL and AFL.

In the NRL I go for the Brisbane Broncos, Melbourne Storm and North QLD Cowboys and the Queensland side in state of origin.

In AFL I go for the Brisbane Lions.

Yes, I am from Michigan, though not the Detroit area.

Nfl…Washington and New Orleans.

Nrl. Cowboys/queensland


I watch most sport so cover a lot of ground!

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Giants/ panthers

I have been an eagles fan since I was a kid.

I support the Nebraska Cornhuskers. A little bit.

:soccer:️ Man U
:football: steelers

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