What food would you like to apear in your house ?: )

what food would you like to appear in your house?
today I think coconut milk…and sleeping pills couse I want to sleep but cant

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Tacos. Lots and lots of tacos.

abra ca dabre tacos… yam yam, with what souce?


I think thay are apearing

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Not sure what sauce… Hot sauce?

:heart: chilli is nice … :heart:

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Right now, a coconut, with lots of coconut water. So a big coconut. It’s too hot to go outside.

where are you ? its now hot where I am :slight_smile:

Lisbon, Portugal :slight_smile:

far awaey from me…:smiley: do you go to the beach there ? is there beach in Lisbon ?

There’s a lot of beaches near lisbon, haven’t gone to the beach this year, well I went but not to go to the water, just for a walk.

I went to the beach yesterday. I am from Lithuania… but not swimming just wade …:heart::heart::heart:

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I moved this thread to the Lounge :slight_smile:

You mean coconut milk from palm trees …?

If it’s translucent and comes from coconuts than yes :slight_smile: If its coconut milk as I know it, I use it for milkshakes and curry.

I know coconut milk just from coconuts , its translusent

Oh alright. We call it coconut water in Portuguese :slight_smile:

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I have a funny story, when I lived in my auto in Miami I had my rear seat full of coconuts that I had gathered, I drank this coconut milk and ate coconut meat, they say that it is healthy.


Yeah, I love it. It’s very good.

I had a bit of an obession with coconut at one point. Drank it, ate it, had shampoo with coconut scent, and conditioner. My mom stopped me when I wanted to buy coconut perfume :smile: Thank god

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Do they produce coconut perfume?