What food triggers heartburn?

I am trying to see if my chest pain is from a heartburn or a liver/pancreas problem.
Sometimes its random, sometimes its following food with lactose, spicy, acidic and vinegar.
I just bought Tums from Amazon, 400 tablets, they didn’t have less.

My Dr said I have fatty liver disease, maybe that’s what causing it.

Its also caused by obesity but I can’t control that.

Fried food, tomatoes, cheez it’s, and ginger drinks hurt my heartburn


I get heartburn from drinking gin

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Fatty liver disease is serious. It can turn into inflamed liver. Even cirrhosis.

Try to change ur diet

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High fat food, especially fried food that comes with little fiber, relaxes the sphincter at the top of the stomach allowing for stomach acid to leak into esophagus. Medications for heartburn just neutralize stomach acid which isn’t really good either. it’s best to change to a healthier diet. I’ve also heard obesity can cause issues with the sphincter at the top of the stomach releasing acid but am unsure how and don’t have any sources to back this up.

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I Never Get Heartburn

:slight_smile: …(!!!) e(Y)e’m GoinG VEGAN One Day (!!!)… :slight_smile:





Jus Kidding Women, Men, Young Adults, And The Rest…,

Try Not to Eat Too Much Meat, it Might Help

My Heart Does Burn For My Long Lost Love Though (Sad Teardrop Pain Inside)

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Pizza and I’ve never found tums to do anything for it.

Fatty foods are a big one. Spicy definitely as well.

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Acidic foods are sugary, starchy like crackers, bread, pasta, cake. Fruits and vegetables are more alkaline.

Well I found this useful from a medical website, it seems like the liver and pancreas. My Dr told me I have fatty liver disease:

Source: https://www.grepmed.com/images/2198/differential-localization-abdominal-diagnosis-location-quadrant-pain

The Tums antacid reduced the pain so I think its heartburn. But another issue didn’t get fixed, I get liver pain when sitting for more than 20min. I think its bcz I have fatty liver disease which makes the liver inflammed and bigger, it gets compressed and give pain when sitting. My Dr just said to exercise and eat healthy but I can’t. I have no control on myself.

For heartburn I recommend pepcid or generic name famotidine twice a day. I simply couldn’t live without it as I have acid reflux to the point of choking on it when I lay down and the famotidine completely takes care of it 99% of the time. Fatty foods, spicy foods and sugar trigger heartburn and high fiber low fat diets are good for controlling it. If you are having pain in your liver area and heartburn you could have something wrong with you gallbladder. I suffered for a long time with pain from gallstones when I was in my 20’s until finally a stone got stuck and I had to have emergency surgery to have my gallbladder removed. It took care of the liver pain but I still have the heartburn all these years later. Look up gallbladder disease and see if it matches your symptoms, you might want to get screened for it, I think they do an ultrasound for that. Anyway I hope you feel better.

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I had a complete abdominal one done in 2018, only abnormality was fatty liver disease which can damage the liver with time. He showed me the fat around and inside the liver. Is pepcid prescription?

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In the US you can buy pepcid over the counter or by prescription. I take 20 mgs twice a day, which is prescription strength. I’m not sure what it is in Canada.

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Milk can do it for me.

I got it today from icecream.