What extrapyramidals do you get?

I’ve had many twitches very worrying
In the last. 24 hrs or so I’ve had my nose scrunch up 2 x or more, whole body jerks , diaphragm jerks… I can’t even remember it all, it wasn’t an attack exactly more a series of movements quite spaced out though
Maybe it was a mild attack

i’ve had tremor, akathisia, and dystonia.

not all at once, of course. but from different things at different times.

i’m fortunate that they’ve all responded to other medications. right now i’m on cogentin to offset and it’s doing its job.

have you told your psychiatrist? maybe something could be done about it. certainly for mine there have been solutions.

hope that helps and best to you.

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Ill get in touch with them tomorrow

I’ve had the odd thing I needed to change meds too

But this seems quite sporadic And is probably nothing.

Still worrying though.

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CloudDog, the extrapyramidals you got is frightening. I am wondering what meds have you been on? Are they typial antipsychotics?

Yes they are typical… Clopixol
They work so well though

I do not had much problem,except for little sperm when ejaculating