What exercising you do

I try to exercise daily, I have specific movements I do, I repeat each movement 50 times, f.ex. I do 50 sit-ups each time, maybe every night I do 500 sit-ups, currently I have no bicycle so I can not ride it, but when I have it, I ride a bicycle at least one hour a day. I have specific goals I want to achieve, one is to lose weight (I am near my ideals), but one of the main goals is to run again. I have diabetes and it has caused some weakness in my legs and leg muscles, which makes it difficult for me to run, diabetes is one cause + some other. Maybe I run again if I exercise much and right.


I had some meditation class under guru osho…!!! it didn’t work …!! Now i want to run early in the morning …!!

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I go to a gym 3 times a week. That and going up and down stairs a lot is about all the exercise I get.
ps - 500 sit ups seems like a lot. I would lose patience just counting that high. Are you sure that’s not a typo?

I do a series of movements maybe 10 times each night (sometimes less), one movement is sit-ups and each time I do 50 and so may do 500 (10 x 50 or sometimes less) sit-ups each night, it may sound a lot, but it really isn’t, if you time it.

I have a joke that I always say to myself. I have not been in any bars or restaurants for many years, and so when I see people going to bars, I just do my exercise movements. It is my way of living my lonely life. It is just my joke.

I do pushups, planks, and lunges. I also walk outside, but lately I’ve been sleeping during the day. so I’m doing indoor jumping jacks to temporarily replace that cardiovascular activity until my sleep schedule recovers. : /

I bike every day


hardcore biking uphill :angry:

just kidding. I know walking uphill is a thing. I don’t know about biking uphill though. that sounds dangerous actually.

Well its really snowy here so I go for walks and my pace and the friction if the snow can get the heart pounding. I try to walk every day. I love the cold but hate the heat of summer walking.

I play tabletennis daily but its not enough for me . I would want running to implement in my routine.do sprints, jumping. So i could play table tennis better. Couse i am lazy player stuck. Dont want to move quickly, last week i played better. Now i dont have motivation enough. Desire.i need to drop smoking too somehow.nice tread

I do yoga 25-30 minutes a day.
I play piano 45-70 minutes, 4 times a day.
I take the stairs in my apartment building.
This is the sum total of my exercise routine, and it works.

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