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What everyday things scare you?


These people clearly aren’t the ideal person in your lives.


I think fear is natures protective follow-up to trauma.


No. They’re definitely not.


The literal abuse didn’t give that away?!


That’s what I said…


@ninjastar You seem to have some sort of solace to all this though.

@LED what do you want me to think?


Well yeah, again, I’ve had years of therapy. You don’t just decide to stop having PTSD anymore than you decide to stop having schizophrenia. It takes years of therapy, and potentially anxiety meds.


Living the dream !!! Good for you though. I’m proud you got through to something :slight_smile:


Think about what? I don’t understand the question.


I don’t either lol


Well this has gotten off topic. Back to everyday things that scare us.


You know what scares me? When sometime knocks on the door and I’m not expecting anyone.


Bugs for sure.

A grasshopper jumping in my hair. A roach walking on me or touching me. A wasp following me…
I love gardening so much. I have to face my bug fear one day.

I have some plant pots on my balcony, I will plant some new roses in it.


Last week Jehova’s witnesses visited me. Two women at my door. I did not know who they were so I let them inside the building but I opened my door a little and when they said they are Jehova’s witnesses, I told them I don’t like religion. Thank you.


Oh, I just thought of another. SPRICKETS! They’re spider crickets that jump on you without your permission. We have them every year. Horrible things!


Being broke 3 and a half weeks out of the month it’s torture


Waking up 1515151515


The news scares me, listening to radio talk shows that pertain to anything in the news, my closet scares me, as well mirrors in the dark.


I thought of another thing: matches, torches, and lighters. Anything with fire, really. Idk why, but I’m really afraid I’m going to end up horrifically burned. Don’t get me started on the night I had a nightmare I was being cremated alive.


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