What ever happened to @pixel

Wheres he gone why did he leave

Too many South African’s casing up the joint. jk

Lol we only 3 on this site haha.


@adam is new one from south africa too…
There may be 4…

There may be few other out of the lime light… take care wala.


The fantastic 4 lol :joy:


The only Pixel i know of started his own forum. He rarely visits this one now as far as i know.

I dont know him very well as he was starting the new place just as i joined here. From what i knew of him he did not seem “bad”.

i think a lot of users here though disagreed with his actions of starting a new place. So some here may still harbor some ill feelings over that.

I dont really have a strong opinion on him or the new place. As i said, barely knew him.

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