What emotion/feeling in the mental hospital did you at worst

i had the worst feeling ever

There were times where i didn’t want to leave.

i felt hell in my heart, totally

I felt in danger. My roomate was a prisoner, he stole my new Nike shoes that I paid 150$.

I told security guards and they brought it back to me.

I had some anxiety the first time I was in the psych ward because I didn’t know where I was going afterwards for a while.

I was a fullblown zombie. My psychiatrist injected me with 500mg Clopixol to try and get me out of psychosis. I slept for the duration of my visit.

I went and did PHP because I was really badly depressed at the time. I found being there soothing, like i was finally able to just take a break and focus on my mental health. I also didn’t feel the need to have to “pretend” there, like pretend to be normal and like i was doing fine and that was a relief as well.

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