What drives the world today?

Let’s break down our thought. Here is a warning. If your mind is easily brainwashed, or you have special beliefs you would like to keep and your mind isn’t resilient. Do not read any further.

Ok having read evolution making sense and religions being the motivator of thought and why Islam is at war with Christianity today, the main driving motivators besides the scientific stuff, like economic cars, and plane traveling. Is religion. You can break down people’s thought in two ways basically. Go walking about shopping and see the person your judging can you tell by this persons self if he or she is islam or christian?

Most old white people, I judge them as believers in Christ, its ok, they grew up that way and didn’t think much for themselves or have a resilient mind. Well Islam, is yet even more behind Christianity. At least some Christians except for the devout believers have some conscious as to why America became the country it is today through spiritual wars basically.

But no there is the Constitution plain and simple in all languages translated. It was the outcome of all the fighting, yet people want to back off and get spiritual again which sets us waaaayy back another 100 years.

Here’s the scenario of mine I like to play. Once the religions clash, and cause mass bloodshed, maybe then in this day and age, some never realize, and are easily influenced into Jehovah’s new imagination of thought. You can’t organize imagination because it is not concrete. Science, matter, is concrete and it is today very hard to understand some eon type questions like what happens when I die?

And it is hard to tell everyone, because we don’t know so we tell them, you just straight up and die. Pretty darn concise. I just straight up was born. And if I am letting a religion lead my life then are you really making all your own decisions?

All this talk is up in my conscious some where. Look at obama he is systematically by his criminal executive orders dismantling what some know as America. When was the last time you looked at the flag and questioned its origin?

Obama hijaaked Americans presidency, he isn’t even for african americans he might say he is, but look how Ferguson turned out. Only if they put jesus down and picked up themselves could they realize Obama Hussein Obama, if you study the origin of his name it means Islamic mahdi, caliphate. He is the tool that will assemble possible nuclear holocaust which like putting a loaded gun in a toddlers hands, kill many people depending where the nukes hit, call me crazy? Hah and you believe in spirituality? Explain to me then your worldview and let us break it down.

I’m conscious I’m sane, I am aware you don’t have to follow this reality model. Because nothing major has happened yet. But think why they live each day preparing to take Israel down, why do you think all the talks in the news with Netanyahu making some serious address. Israel is pretty scared about islam with nukes. It’ll be okay though, don’t believe the conspiracy. Trust your own derived answer because that is the only one which is concrete. Don’t turn on the radio and listen to the pastor, because he is conditioning the people who just feed the church money in return are granted their imaginary passage way to the pearly gates.

So what do you think it’s all about the bigger picture? This is what I assembled mentally, don’t take it as bible prophecy end times, the christians are in fact actually excited for the muslims, that they are accelerating bible end times.

I speak up for what I believe. When I educate I liberate.

If capitalism were to contunue, everyone on this planet will be dead in the not too distant future


capitalism doesn’t exists. neither do you.

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give to Christ what is Christ and nothing more if it is a biblical him that he speaks of and not just me and you let it be

^^ biggest trigger if i’ve ever saw one.

Not to offend you TheGreatestDrZen, however sir my opinion is that Christ is just the short answer. A scapegoat to what is really happening across the country. We need more faith in ourselves.

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