What dreams do you have that still need to come true?

Yap Yap (!!!) ,

You Ruined tha Game (!!!) ,

Erase my Brain Please … … …


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Awesome … ,

It’s L(Y)Ke you Dipped my Skullage Exquisite thots into Frosty Shake Beverages … ,

Naught Onli am e(Y)e Hungrily Satisfied but e(Y)e am Uncontrollably Happi … ,

You Do Good Work … ,



everything’s cool as long as I’m getting thinner


haha this was funny!!!

well we live in good times

Need a college degree


My dream is to go to sleep and not to wake up.
My dream is to die.

My dreams from 5 year old +

  • become an astronaut around 5-6
  • become a poet/writer till the age 12-15
  • Buy a laptop MacBook (when I was 17)

Then it just went downhill after that ;(


That’s what i thought :joy::joy::joy::joy: sorry @everhopeful but insecurities are loud

Oh gawd. Maybe you’re right.


you know these thoughts and words have a very big impact on our minds?

If you repeat positive words to yourself … things might change?


@MsBuddha I have a main problem with schizophrenia as well as a certain breathing issue.
I will try to fight to improve my health.
I exercise several hours every day, and to this I may add various supplements and medications.
I need to take a cold shower every day rather than once in a while.
I suffer from difficult moments every day.
For me just getting through a day is awesome.
But I want to try to solve my health problems, mainly schizophrenia but hopefully the breathing issue as well.
If I manage to solve them I want to leave Israel and function well in society.
I still have ambitions and dreams, but in order to fulfill them I need to overcome my health problems.
Thanks for the advice.

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I have never heard of anybody wanting to leave Israel? Because of the war?

Israeli people are very handsome/beautiful + the country is supposed to be doing very well.

What kind of breathing problems?

@MsBuddha I don’t care about appearance, not of myself and not of others.
The country is doing ok, to say it’s doing very well is an exaggeration.
The thoughts that I am getting is that I don’t have the rights that people in Israel have, like looking for a decent job,
that I don’t have the right to work or study in Israel.
I don’t know delusion no delusion, these are the thing that get into my head.
That in order to be a member of society in good standing I have to leave.
I have a lot of bitterness toward Israel, I am not happy with my early years(should have been king of my age group
at school among other things, should have started studying at university at an early age,should have started excercising
much earlier and other things).
In order for me to stay I have to, first, get rid of the thoughts that I don’t have rights in Israel.
Second, I think that a decision whether to stay in Israel also has professional considerations,
because not in all professions the situation is to my liking.
Breathing problems- that sometimes I feel that the air flow through the nose is not that good.
I consider it a relatively minor issue, but still bothersome.

Do you mean because of disability you do not have rights to study and work?

To become more financially stable (better job/pay) and to move out of the ghetto. I’ve said that on here many times, though. I’d like to live in a decent apt with a rural or small town feel, not a city. Like the place I lived before moving to my current city, that was nice, being just outside of a very small town.

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No, I mean if healthy and theoretically able to work and study, even then I can’t do it.

well then… if you can not work and study in your hometown, how do you plan in working and studying in a different country, all by yourself?

I want to become a successful forex trader, if not I want to run a successful marketing website. If these things can’t happen my dreams would be crushed but my last dream is to meet someone special before I die.


Why not? I think that most other countries in the world will treat me better than Israel.
In any case the world is big, I will find a spot for me.
I think that there are countries where equality of rights is not just theory but practice as well.
for example there is another user (that I don’t want to name) who also said that his voices where telling him to move abroad.
If Israel sucks it doesn’t mean that the whole world sucks.
I think that I can feel better in north America,part of south America,Europe, Asia, Russia in all these countries I will feel
better than in Israel, I will have full rights.
Israel mistreated me from a very young age.
If my functioning improves I will absolutely do it.

Good luck. I like to dream of escaping too not sure from what? SO, your voices are delusions you know?

do you have a family around you?

I am not sure whether I will move abroad.
These thoughts are disgusting, delusions or not.
I might try to beat these “delusions” and try to succeed in Israel.
Perhaps if I take supplements or medications, my thought process improves.
I want to try my luck in Israel, and if I don’t manage to make it in Israel then move abroad.
These are my real thoughts. In fact perhaps the thought that I have no rights in Israel can be catalogued as delusion/intrusive thought.
I have my parents around me.