What Dose Work do for you

i left work at noon after scraping cling spakel all morning long i was covered with chock from head to toe. after getting home and bathing i slepet in to a mood of hopelessness…

I’m a garden/ grounds keeper/ grounds maintenance

I like my job… the serenity… the fact that I get to be outside in gardens… I get to work with plants… very calming…

very easy to let go and just focus on the plants. Not a lot of people in my day… but in it’s odd way… gives my day some structure.

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Yes I liked working because of the added structure - I do miss work many times, but I also know that I would not be able to deal with the stress - I get very easily stressed out.

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i work as a mother…that’s hard enough for me. i would like to work one day, if i’m well enough and able to support myself and my children. i need to educate myself on the type of job i would like but i can’t go to college until Max and Sam are sorted out.

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