What dosage of Risperidone ended the voices?

Dear all,

I just wondered what dose has proved useful in removing the voices with Risperidone. I am on 4mg which has not eradicted them thus far after 5 days. Is this too soon to form a judgement?

1-3 mg did not do much for me, 4-5mg ended the voices pretty much from day one.

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I (try to remember)take 1mg 3times a day, and still have a lot of breakthrough symptoms, the voices being a part of them. I think I need a higher dose, or something. I have doc appt on Friday, so I’m talking with him about it. Sorry I don’t think this helped you at all, save for what almost kinda works for me.

They put me on 6mg and that caused my face to lock up. The muscles tightened up and I had a temporary smile on my face for hours. I went to the emergency room and they said it was an allergic reaction. But no voices!

Oh my… I noticed my jaws are clenching more Than usual since starting injections. I’ve only had one but its putting me through the ringer

I got exorcism on it it helped me learn

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