What doormat belongs to your house?


I like 3…It gets rather hot over here and often I don’t wear a shirt in summer. Pants certainly can become optional.

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Number three for me as well. I often go shirtless in summer a lot. And I love lounging around in my boxers after a shower.

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None of them that you featured…

maybe mine would say, ‘wipe your feet’ or ‘no smoking’ but i’m pretty boring when it comes to doormats, i have a hard wearing black thick textured one with rubber on the bottom.

LS! Che Guavara!

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We don’t have a doormat but we have a sign in the driveway that says:

Swedes Parking Only, All Others Will Be Towed


Sorry but the only famous doormat I’ve heard of is this


From roddy ricchs the box song


Haha, I know that song

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Not wearing pants.

I thought #4 said “probably a target” at first glance.

I bought one that said GO AWAY. My wife made me remove it.

I have a custom one.


Mine would have to be #6. I never tell people where I live, because of stalkers.

Number six for me.

I like number 1, but instead of Starbucks it would day Zarraffa’s.

#3, I walk in boxers only sometimes in my house, my brothers walk nude sometimes lol

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