What doesn't kill us

Makes us stronger:

I don’t feel stronger D:

Maybe eventually.

What doesn’t kill us gives us delusions of immortality.

Or at least some of us.


I feel stronger but it took many years to feel that way. I’ve been through a lot, and I survived. Ofcourse I’m stronger :blush:


@Sharp it’ll happen for you too…

Stay on your meds and try to simplify… make sure you know your thoughts are hypothetical and try to let go of the fear… you are physically safe regardless of what happens in your brain.

as your self-imposed attorney… this is my advice.

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What about polio?!

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ah ■■■■ you! hah…

the exception clause… there are always exceptions… even to the exception clause…

(wait polio is no joke.)

Lol! 1515151515

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There is a vaccine! Polio has been eradicated= we are stronger! :grin:

I also like the line “Everything that kills me makes me feel alive” reminds me of how alcohol makes me feel, and could eventually kill me.