What does zoning out feel like to you?

What does the medicine you take make you feel like when you zone out?

I get lost in thoughts…a cycling of thoughts repeating in my head…trying ro focus on the simplistic tasks. I know I enjoy my thought process when not on medication…

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I sometimes ‘come to’ in the middle of doing something and it’s weird, it’s not like being in a fog really it’s more that I forget about my recent past and come to in the present.

My focus and memory aren’t very good anymore, it is really hard to describe things though.


It sucks, you kinda freeze up and you go all tense.

Might even turn a little cold, it passes though so dont worry.

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That’s exactly what happens to me my doctor is lowering my dose of risperidone but I don’t want him too in fear my delusions will return because as schizophrenics age they usually need higher doses

Like time travel

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