What does traumatic head injury entail?

My dad fell yesterday and hit his head on his truck tire rim. At the hospital they said he had a traumatic head injury. They said that if he’d hit his head on the lug nuts it would’ve killed him

They ran some tests and did a Cat scan and sent him home

Sorry bout your dad. I don’t know if it’s better than a traimatic brain injury?

Here is something I found hope it helps

I can’t answer your question. I’m sorry this happened. It seems worse than what I first thought.

I would ask them if traumatic head injury necessarily means traumatic brain injury.

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Oops maybe I miss read things. I think they are similar but not 100% sure.

Impaired function. Concussive head injury has many issues that can lead to problems with concentration, memory, thinking ability, sleeping problems and headaches. If long term issues are present, an MRI of the brain is recommended to look for other structural problems.

After a head injury, what you are worried about is bleeding. This is usually manifest within the first 24 hours. If it has not manifest itself by then (with symptoms of headache, nausea/vomiting, lethargy, blurred or double vision, etc.), then the chance is much lower that there is a hemorrhage.

Intervention is based on the severity of the injury. With a skull fracture, significant loss of consciousness, nausea and vomiting and other findings the patient would need an extensive inpatient workup.

Head injury without loss of consciousness and external signs of trauma other than scalp bruising is normally just followed. If no new neurological symptoms occur, then no intervention is needed.

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Yeah. That’s what I thought too. But my dad is staying with my niece a few days

He told me on the phone that he has a concussion

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