What does that make me?

My parents got divorced and mother went thru getting an annulment

thru the Catholic church which basically says the marriage never happened.

Does that mean me and Ronnie never existed?? All the work I did as a teen, for not.

Never going back.

My stepmom is catholic but she only goes to mass on Xmas

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I just mentioned this to my mother, and she says I’m harassing her,

interesting what she calls harassment. I wish she could have prepared me for it

back when I was goregeous. oh sh-it.

She looks good I think I’ll take my chances. Up for grabs.

F_ing deal with it you’re 50 years old. Yeah. Where I got hurt Phil.

The basketball player in college came to my dorm my room I was on the phone with my mother excited to see him my mom said I’ll let you go Sheri nearly raped mom.

Yes, organized religion has its share of craziness, but my God, the effrontery of the clergy in the nineteenth century! It takes my breath away.

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