What does my future hold?

I sometimes wonder that. @goldenrex hit me with the brutal honest truth with a tiny splash of motivation.


Sorry man,

I have no idea what the future hold for you or anyone.

I can state the obvious though:

No girlfriend because of your low opinion of women.

No job because you won’t stop smoking weed.

Change your ways or my future becomes reality.


Low opinion of women. Where do you get that?

I don’t even want a gf.

all I want to know is if you are on meds and have a psychiatrist this could explain a lot.

Yes to both of those.

You’ve just always come across as an INCEL type.

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I’m not sure what that means.

How’s the group chat? Hi! :grinning:

I think you know exactly what that means.

Now I do. :wink: thanks!

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