What does 'living fully' mean? Welcome to the age of pseudo-profound nonsense

You’ve seen them before, because they are all over Instagram: the captions urging you to embrace your expansion, whatever that means, slow down to savor the moment, and hustle like you’re Beyoncé – all at once.

“Start visualizing what you want, then say no to anything that isn’t it,” reads one. Another: “Buy the plane ticket, quit the job, plan the trip, wander into the unknown, open your heart, take the leap.”

These reminders to “live fully” are omnipresent on social media platforms. We are constantly told how to live well, happily, adventurously or spontaneously. An army of experts are instructing us to wash our faces, to be a badass, and to say yes.

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I like Living large. You live as large as you can with the cards your dealt.

The trouble with life and society is that it’s not even close to being fair. People who do well in society aren’t necessarily the smartest/strongest/best looking etc etc. It’s a game that is skewed by circumstance and some pretty dumb rules and regulations.

Live as large as you can with those constraints!


I think these ‘living fully’ people are a bunch of college aged kids who have parents with deep pockets. So it’s easy for them to say “quit your job,” or “get on that plane,” or “don’t worry about the 50 grand you are gonna drop on a worthless college degree.”

Ya right. I’ve heard this malarkey before. Live the way you are able. Don’t live the way some glitter doll thinks you should live. All imfuo.



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