What does it mean

When someone reacts very badly when you tell their friend why you dont like them when they ask you. The reasons are not really angering at all: you just think they act like they are precious human beings in need of special consideration with an excessive display of airs and graces or affectation. Sidelining people as if they are too ordinary for them. Or you just dont like the way their personality looks. That other people better than me have better qualities minus the personality aspect but they arent as annoying.

In this persons mind, they reason that you dont like them bc because they are “superior” which is the laughable blindspot they have. They retaliate with this egotistical premise by gleaning for sexual orientation data, pray and beg for me to be more insane, or invent stigmatizing weaknesses that i have. Just basically throwing a hissy fit and wanting to crush me, all over nothing. Which confirms that i am correct that they have issues of superiority.

Why are some people incapable of accepting that others msy have valid reasons disliking them? Is this a normal reaction from a regular person?

A part of me wants everyone to like me.

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