What does emotional pain cause? and the rewards from coming through it?

I personally believe emotional pain comes from realization and from that realization hope comes through a mass relation…we’re just wearing different shoes man…

The most rewarding smash session to date was this gigantic crystal punchbowl set complete with ladle and 20? cups that went flying down the hall into the cabinet doors with such force that I occasionally still discover bits of embedded glass in the walls after 21 years.
Can’t recall the details of why I was forced to be the caretaker of this useless, space sucking dust collector, except thai it was a family heirloom to be carefully guarded until the unlikely event someone should want to put it to use at the next get together. Last time it was used? oh, around 1965. Really.
The monster appeared and that set was destroyed in less than 2 minutes, and I was quite impressed at how many pieces it became, all sparkly like a giant kaleidoscope all over the floor. At least I had the decency to wait until they drove off before I did it.
Occasionally someone will inquire if I still know where it is, and I’m happy to tell them I do. But I don’t tell them it’s in the local landfill.

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Cause I’d sure punch into a bowel rn…