What does “bump” mean?

What does it mean when someone says “bump” on a post?

It means they feel like their post has not gotten enough attention.

They make a reply themselves to “bump” the post to the top of the board.

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Ooooh!! Okay! Thanks @anon54386108!

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Usually more important in boards where your post falls down from the top super fast. Some of the gaming boards in gamefaqs are like this, if I have a game question Google hasn’t answered yet I bump it sometimes until I get an answer. Usually don’t do it more than twice, people are helpful but they have to see the post to answer it.

This board is nothing like that. Plus you can scroll down forever. Every forum should be designed like this one! Whoever designed it is a genius.

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Okay, thanks! I agree-this is a GREAT forum!

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