~~!~~ What Does Beauty Mean ~~!~~


The world. The earth. The globe. The planet. Planet earth. Earth, earth, earth. And planet spheres of U.F.O’s at the Zoo.

What a weird guy.

You know what i discovered about thus planet earth, world, globe thing that i jus mentioned a few words ago.

That it’s stupid!.

Yep. And dumb. And Grotesque. And pointless. And wothless. And without any real meaning.


It is so beautiful.

Have you ever seen a bird before?.


Have you ever seen the sun before (with sunglasses of course).


Haven’t you ever seen a hat before?!?.

So. So. So. B-e-a-utiful!!!

So why are you thinking to yourself right now that i am an idiot?.

I’ll tell you why.

Because i am stupid just like the earth.

Thus globe.

Thus planet.



Jus like you.

Stupid and beautiful.

Aren’t we all.


What does beauty mean to you?.


I figure “beauty and the beast” Metallica style fits in some way, somehow