What does an AD feel like?

I noticed when I was on remeron, my hallucinations got really bad and I would go into trances and my speech was all jumbled for a couple hours after I woke up. I would walk around my city almost getting hit by cars because of distracting voices. The only good thing that happened is it lifted my mood and I smiled all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I smile now but this was like a general overall happy feeling.

If remeron did all that negative stuff to me, would an ssri be any better? I am always tired and rely on energy drinks. can an ssri boost my mood without going into psychosis?

If you are on a combination of strong APs then they help you otherwise you get mania and lose your touch with reality, I’m now on two different ADs meanwhile I don’t become manic because I’m on 3 different APs,

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It affects everyone differently, but for me my ssri Zoloft really lifted my mood from depression to kinda happy and gave me a lot more energy.

At the same time it did give me a little brain fog, but I take the bad with the good. It’s worth it to me

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