What do your voices say? What do you see?

What are some of the things you hear your voices say? Are they helpful/hurtful? What about hallucinations? What are some of the things you see? Do you have a way of ignoring them?

Typically my voices wake me up at night around 12 noon cursing me out…lol…I don’t know why but it happens everyday.

I hear three main voices, Aaron, Devon and Rebecca. They each have their own way of torment. I also see little monsters called gremlins.

I haven’t heard any voices in around 2 months. They were overwhelmingly negative calling me a variety of horrible things and telling me people thought very poorly of me. They seemed to turn life into a competition. If I went to brush my teeth they’d say “Now you’re winning” or if I bought a beer they’d say “You’re a loser.” They’d comment on every mundane part of my day in a way that made me feel like I was always involved in life’s competition whether I liked it or not-- and I didn’t like it.

They did make me think though and once when I was very depressed while not hearing voices, they started up again and said some good things to help lift me out of the depression. They also seemed to think it was great when I did chores for people.

What my voices say is like talking about fight club. I don’t talk about my hallucinations much, and I shouldn’t be talking about them at all. But they’re three voices, one of them is 17 year old me who is the only good one of the trio. Dude ■■■■ voices one and two they need to die. I’m sick of their ■■■■■■■■. Talking ■■■■ while I workout, telling me what to do and what not to do. They want me to fail and die by suicide.

Well that is my story. My other hallucinations are even worse.

My voices have faded so much with this last med tinker. I sort of miss them.

I had one very horrid and nasty one… the voice of a little girl who would say the most disturbing sexual stuff… it hurts me when I hear it…

The panic man is just like that robot on lost in space… “danger… danger… we all in danger… it’s danger… Oh man… that’s danger too… danger”

He’s easy to ignore.

The good doctor was the calm gentle part of my head. The commentator is just that… commenting on what I do.

The hallucinations used to be full sensory and florid. But lately… it’s just a glimpse of something… out of the corner of my eye… a person there… then gone… a shadow person out of the corner of my eye… a flying cat… just a few small things.

Every thing has faded since my last med switch up.