What do you want to do with your life?

I want to be a good dad to my kids (which I don’t have). Two at maximum. I don’t want them to be spoiled kids.
I want to write a book. Topic doesn’t matter, only thing is that I won’t be embarrassed of it.
More walks and passions.

But my anxiety and paranoia are more important for me now that these goals, unfortunately.

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I would love to seek asylum on cyber torture grounds.

Not die…


I just want to enjoy the time I have.

I had dreams of opening a non-religious crisis pregnancy center,

And would still love to do that.

But it’s a long shot.

I’ll just be happy with being happy,

Everything else is just extra.


I would love to go back to uni and study medicine. I would also like to have more motivation to do the simple things such as regular showers, etc.


I just want to be happy and love


I just want to meet the women of my dreams. Settle down have a kid or 2. Work for a living

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Well I’m 61 and just want to be able to live independently as long as I can. I’m afraid I won’t have the money for a nursing home if I should need to be put in one. I worry about that.

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Looking after my health and the rest will follow.


First, I want to live independently. However, I want to become a therapist and work with mentally ill adolescents and young adults, because I know how much teenage/young adult life sucks when you’re mentally ill. That’s probably funny of me to say since I’m only turning 20 in April, but you get what I mean. Other than that, I want:

  • to become healthier in mind and body
  • to travel to Europe or Japan
  • to learn an instrument (or several)
  • to learn how to speak a language fluently

That’s all I can really think of at the moment.


I want a lovely American wife and a beautiful daughter. A job that I’m good at and make my family proud 🥲


May I know who she is?

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Reduce pain, try be a good friend and family member. Try not to be a burden to anyone, even when I’m in a crisis.

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I want to get real good at guitar and perform for small audiences, really make people relax and enjoy themselves. It keeps me alive. I practice every day, but it’ll be years before I’m good enough to live my dream.


Nothing right now. Just focusing on my health. Cut back the energy drinks by 50%! So now my goal is to cut it down to 4 drinks a day. It’s still crazy and narly but I think I have hope for the first time that I can do it. My mental health and definitely physical health are both improving. I want to learn math. Obviously, math is my favorite subject. I’m no prodigy or anything. Probably couldn’t win a competition for the life of me or do coding competitions as I’m too slow and old and not well practiced anymore. But I often fantasize about going to graduate school in math or engineering. I still need a BS degree. I collect math books so I want to read more and actually do it and not just talk. I find I’m extremely calm and lazy (even lazier) off the drinks, but 100x less disorganized and scatter brained.


Actuarial science seems better than a graduate degree but def not smart enough! Don’t really enjoy business anymore or insurance or living in a large city. I rather stay local or in a small town and be flexible. Can’t really do that plus it’s too hard and I’m slow. They make good money though!

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I’ve already done most everything I’ve ever wanted to do with my life. Except maybe travel to Spain, Ireland, and Israel, and live in Mexico. I no longer have a burning desire to live in Mexico but Spain, Ireland and Israel are possibilities to at least visit.

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Keep doing what I’m doing.

Go down to 55 kg and stay there.

Possibly a gothic wedding but since I love my x in sa and girls most I might feel a bit disloyal marrying someone else like my boyfriend who I would marry if I didn’t loose money and if we got closer and stuff.
If I married I wouldn’t love my x in sa and girls any less they are one of the best things to ever happen to me.

I would love a face lift, tummy tuck and boob lift but can’t afford even one of those things.

Have eternal loving relationships with my loved ones.

Reach a inner peace no one and nothing can break.

Be more independent with my driving.

Get a new Aldi coffee machine.

Never eat meat again.

Be healthy and take beautiful care of myself.

Live to a old age and be a happy healthy old person.

I love my boyfriend and if we spend the rest of our lives together maybe I can be his daughters child’s grandma or step grandma or something and be a good one.

Be a good auntie.

Get lots more tattoos.

Get some piercings.

Grow my hair longer but my hair doesn’t grow past my boobs for some reason so I can’t grow it very long.

Be a fan of my x in sa always.

Be intimate with my boyfriend and see if we can spend the rest of our lives together.

Get a passport.

Go skiing.

Learn to drive to my boyfriend all by myself.

Buy Christmas gifts for loved ones every year I’m alive.

Possibly dance rock n roll dance lessons again.

Sleep well every night without sleeping tablets for atleast eight hours.

Never get diabetes despite that I’m on latuda.

Be able to afford to have my nails done regularly when I’m old.

Maybe move in with my boyfriend if I don’t loose money doing so .

Not be afraid of dying when it’s time to die go being cool calm and at peace and even smiling.

I would love to live on acreage in a house in the country like I did in south was perfect living there with x and girls I love most but he got to bossy in the end saying I have to eat meat so I left.
I do not have to eat meat!
But only if I had at least as much money as I do now.

Maybe take up a new hobby so I don’t get bored.

Have air conditioning in my home I live in.

Get permanent hair removal on legs,bikini and underarms so I never have to shave again.

Sleep on a train.
A little train holiday in Australia.

Not become poorer than I currently am but wouldn’t mind a bit richer.

Have a happy sex life with my boyfriend when we are over 80 even.

Start doing yoga once a week.

Get paintings up on my walls at home.

Keep eating beautiful food I adore and enjoy.

Have friends.

Laugh more.

Smile and laugh with people and by myself too.

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If i married my boyfriend I wouldn’t be disloyal because my x in sa and I hardly ever had sex.
He was best partner and love him most and my x in sa is one of the best things to ever happen to me but it was totally different to what I have now.
Can’t be compared.
I am forever a fan of my x in sa and the happiest I’ve ever been I think is living in sa with my x and the dogs but I’m happy now too with my family and boyfriend.
My boyfriend I’ve only been with two months but I love him dearly and hope we can make it rest of our lives together.
It’s lovely to have such a active sex life.
My x in sa and I went four months without sex.
He was not very interested in sex with me.:open_mouth:
My boyfriend is very interested in sex with me and I’m enjoying that.

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I’ve done what I wanted to, and that is lock myself away in a small room in the hopes that great literature will start to pour forth from my pen. So far I have six short stories that are in the range of 5,000 - 6,000 words long. I keep hoping I will become more prolific.

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