What do you use for feeling more energetic and motivated?


I’ve been using an affordable SAD lamp from aliexpress.com today and it’s making me feel motivated, and just a tiny bit edgy, which is good since it pushes me to do things.


i tried one of those , i tried it every morning for like 2 weeks. no luck for me


how long have you been taking concerta? has it faded over time or working well for the most part? in terms of increased energy


You’ve got to use it like 20-40 cm from the face, and for 1-2 hours depending on the distance.

I just leave it on next to my laptop all day, seems to make me feel more energetic with time.


ah i didnt stay infront of it long enough i imagine only like 30 mins


I drink coffee and matcha tea. I’m also one of those guys that regularly Goes to the local Starbucks.


Exercising and limiting coffee intake…
Also work with your pdoc with meds