What do you use for feeling more energetic and motivated?


Right now I’m just drinking coffee many times a day and Latuda for depression yet I don’t feel awfully motivated.
I think I need to start drinking more water as well with the coffee. I really crave for really mild hypomania.


I drink coffee every day, although not as much as i used to. I am also on Latuda. Yes, the hypomanias can be quite enjoyable but they also lead to worse problems. We’re better off without them.


somedays I really clean

like all the windows, the garbage cans, the inside of the fridge

is that mania

not sure, it seems to come all at once, mainly because it just needs to be done.


I think it has to last for like a week to be considered mania, along with several other symptoms.


yeah, no doc has ever told me I have bipolar tendencies.


Anyway you’d be zillionaire if you could bottle that godjuice. I’d take it sometimes just for two days in the weekend.
Someone once told me that it’s like cocaine and meth together without toxicity.


The straightness in everything is your way to feel more energy and motivation


Well, I make sure I get 8 hours of sleep at night.

In addition to that, I take Concerta and Ritalin, though I recognize that these are not an option for all sz/sza.


Coffee! Sugar! Chocolate!

Want to stop though… in the long run it makes me feel worse.


I peddle a recumbent stationary bike. You may think that exercising when you’re tired would make you more tired, but the opposite is true. Try to do aerobic exercise (brisk walk, jog, bike, etc.) before noon so it doesn’t affect your sleep.


isnt concerta and ritalin the same thing just different name?


Correct. Both are methylphenidate.

Ritalin is the older immediate-acting form of methylphenidate - you take it and the contents are released. Concerta is a long-acting formulation, meaning you take the tablet and the drug is slowly released over 12 hours.

In some cases, the addition of a short-acting stimulant, taken in the evening, is helpful to supplement a long-acting medication given earlier in the day, to cover the full day.


I thought Extended Release means it doesn’t open in the gut until 12 hours later

that’s what my Prilosec does


Travel if you can. Even just somewhere close to home you’ve never been. Anything to break up boring monotonous routines.


Ritalin, modafinil and coffee every couple hours


I drink coffee and/or Coke Zero Sugar


Espresso Coffee gives me a boost for about an hour. I’m desperately trying to quit coffee but it’s difficult.


Loads of coffee, sugar and going out to do active things. I’m trying to quit the first two.


Many coffees, espresso


Extended-release tablets are formulated in such a manner as to make the medicine contained within it available over an extended period of time following ingestion.

In contrast, Prilosec is properly referred to as a “delayed release” product. That is, after you take it, it doesn’t dissolve as fast as uncoated medication tablets do. But when it does dissolve, it releases the entire drug at the same time. To make it a delayed release drug, Prilosec has a special coating on each tablet called an “enteric coating,” which makes it dissolve in your intestines and takes longer to act than if it dissolved in your stomach.

The terms “delayed release” and “extended release” seem similar, although they are not.