What do you use as a stimulant

=Pitch black coffee and jacks.

Jacks? What are those?

Another way to say cigarette.

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Alright, thanks

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Some good ole meth and crack.

Cuz I’m hardcore




Coffee :coffee:

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Coffee and stogs. :coffee::smoking:



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Nothing as the last thing I need is a stimulant. I do everything I can to stay calm: get enough sleep, drink decaffeinated coffee only, take mood stabilizers in the form of AP’s, occasionally take Klonipin, stay away from kids and stress, keep my apartment low lighted, comfortable in temperature and quiet, not even a T.V. or radio on, ever, and keep my people contact to a bare minimum.

I suppose sarcosine could be a stimulant. Took my first dose an hour ago and feel fantastic. Sharper, cognitively and whatnot. I’ll have to take this first thing in the morning!

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That’s easy any kind of caffeine
Peppermint tea
Black tea
Coke or any caffeine soda
Oh yes coffee all the time
Stay away from Orange soda ginger ale 7 up Sierra mist
And any energy drink or mountain dew
Be careful with the ones directly above
Bad news you won’t sleep for a while be prepared​:hushed::sleeping::sleeping:

Coffee, at least 3 a day. Otherwise i don’t have any other vices.

Cigarettes mainly and coffee.

I have no milk until later so no coffee this morning :disappointed_relieved:

Music like slayer, Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza & slipknot. I get goosebumps from them.

What do you feel when u vape nicotine?

I drink coffee and tea but rely mostly on exercise and naps if I’m tired!

Since exercising way more I sleep way less. It’s a direct relationship to the amount I sleep. If I’m not exercising my usual I sleep more.

Tea is preferred but if out with friends I’ll often have a coffee!

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Coffee, cigarettes, energy drinks, sugar… I’ll die soon, i know

Caffeine … 15

I don’t use any stimulant. My psychiatrist and my nurse say stimulants are not good for people who take this kind of medications.

Not a lot. I’m just addicted to nicotine.

I use coffee and trance music. Been known to have the odd line of coke too to keep me up - but thats rare at the prices it is here. Normally just filter coffee and nicotine.

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