What do you truly believe?

What do you truly believe caused or causes your “illness”? Go with your gut. Feel free to comment what you picked and why you chose it.
I personally have experienced each of these and many at once.

  • 1 All in your head/ (no outside influences)
  • 2 Spirtual
  • 3 Paranormal
  • 4 Technology
  • 5 Natural connection between humans
  • 6 Brain damage
  • 7 Energy manipulation
  • 8 A mix of some or all the above

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Inherited through my ,mother

Do you mean by genetics strictly scientific? Or also as a spirtual inheritance deeper than strictly scientific

My grandmother is epileptic’my mother is undiagnosed sz.

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Piracetam overdoses and a blood clot in the brain later on caused my SZ.

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What are some of your symptoms?

What pushed you over the edge?

I kept taking Piracetam in large amounts, and going on long walks. During one walk my thoughts started happening too fast, and I felt like I was being assaulted with internal questions like “What is God?”, while feeling like everyone was reading my mind and getting scared of how fast it was going, so I just stopped moving on some street corner and called 9-1-1 and let the authorities handle me.

After being released from the ward, I took Piracetam -again-, thinking I could handle it, but I was prodromal at the time and thinking that I had a brain chip in my head that needed removal, and also thought that I was constantly being monitored by the government, which required me to be on the move constantly so that they couldn’t predict my behavior, because I couldn’t fully trust them. That belief later evolved into thinking I was living in a computer simulation being monitored by God and his angels 24/7, which is much more comfortable to me.

But before that belief shift, I ended up taking Piracetam -yet again- and blacking out, during which I physically lashed out at my dad, since part of my psychotic delusion was thinking that he was controlling my reality. I was then arrested and taken to the ward, for the last time. Finally gained enough insight to stop taking Piracetam. It probably made my blood-brain barrier weak, so now what I eat affects my mental state more acutely now.

Piracetam. Not even once.

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Inherited. Depression dads side. Schizophrenia mums side.

It’s a genetic flaw getting hit by an environmental trigger.

It is no more or less. I’d say they’ll know the triggers and the genes in the next decade.

So you don’t believe in anything spirtual or paranormal happening to people at all?

No. I’ve seen a ghost. It was very real but I’ve also thought I was Jesus returned for a little while there.

You see enough of it…we all tend to have the same symptoms. Why psychiatry works to such an extent.

Spiritual is different. I still find myself a remarckably spiritual type person even though I’m an athiest. I think that is a different kettle of fish and religion and schizophrenia aren’t totally oppossed.

Saying that. Religion can be a huge problem for certain schizoprhenics. I’ve seen that all too much and explains mostly why I’m an athiest!


Yeah, my inability to parse things that aren’t concrete and able to be experienced in the here and now prompted me to abandon religious/magical thinking. Maybe that process is aided by meds. I’m not an anti-theist, as long as people don’t let their beliefs lead them to do harm, I don’t care what other people believe.


mental illness runs in my family so i guess i inherited it. was my environment also a factor… i think so.

i don’t know if there may be a spiritual cause, could be. i tend to agree with jung who thought the cause was emotional in some way… i don’t think it’s a ‘chemical imbalance’ in the brain anyway.

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