What do you think?

So as some of y’all know I have to be gluten free or be in pain… My fiance on the other hand eats hot pockets and things I can’t eat on a daily bases and it makes it hard and makes me want it… He won’t try any of my cooking or even try some of the gluten free food… Idk what to do… It’s a struggle for me and I’ve talked to him about it before and he says he’ll try and just won’t… Idk what to do anymore…

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Am I blowing this out of proportion or do I have a right to be upset about this?

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My mom says he’s probably the only guy willing to be with me because of all of my problems…

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First of all,

That’s a hateful thing for your mother to say.

He’s not your only option, everyone’s got problems.

What she said is 100% untrue.

Second, yes, you have a right to be upset about this, I think.

It’s totally inconsiderate and borderline mean.

My husband would never do that.

He should at least make efforts to not eat your favorite foods right in front of you.

I feel like it’s disrespectful.

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I think this is called ‘celiac disease?’

has a doc told you that?
just wondering cuz my cousin’s daughter has it.

@Daze. Yes I knew that… I went to my Dr about it… And he told me that but my medicaid wouldn’t pay for the test so he couldn’t diagnose me with it

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medicaid? they bill my medicare first.

wonder why it isn’t covered. Phil is on medicaid,
and has had all kinds of tests.
What state do you live in, if you don’t mind sharing.

@Daze. I dont have medicare yet… I ran out of test allowance coverage at the time…

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@anon54386108. He’s the first guy she’s liked… I feel bad for even asking him to change… He has sensitive taste buds

I’ve never heard of that, but okay.

Just because she’s the first guy she’s liked doesn’t mean he’s your only option.

I’m not saying dump him over this, I’m just saying you shouldn’t stay with someone because you feel you can’t find someone else.

As far as him not changing his diet,

I get that too,

But he doesn’t have to eat a hotpocket right in front of you.

That’s mean.

@anon54386108. He’s high functioning artistic… According to him it’s a thing because of that

I think that whoever told you mediciad won’t pay for that test is lying. My daughter has it and we have restrictive medicaid managed care.

Maybe he has texture and taste avoidance. If he is autistic, don’t try to force him to try your food. Let him eat what he wants. You can just eat your own food

My husband was texture and taste avoidant for years. I let him be. Now he is enthusiastic about new stuff. But that’s 20 years of gentle offers.

@anon4362788. My Dr office told me… It’s because I had had so many tests for my migraines and the money ran out on it

Doesn’t make sense. Do you have medicaid spend down or regular medicaid?

@anon4362788. I can try that… I have no clue just know what the Dr office said

He doesn’t have to change his diet,

He just needs to be considerate of yours.

Do you get what I’m saying?

@anon54386108. Yeah I get that

I think its a bit much to ask your partner to join your diet - even more so when you aren’t doing it purely out of choice but rather for health.
I understand why some people go gluten free - but I literally couldn’t do it. I’d much sooner give up meat than eat gluten free.

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@StarCrazy. I understand that man… I wouldn’t be if I could be normal

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