What do you think?

Do you think it is important to find and apologise to people that you were rude to when you were unwell? Or should you just move on and put it behind you?



I don’t think you should be actively looking for people you slighted when you were ill. But if you happen to bump into them, you could bring it up and say sorry.

Depends of course how severe your insults were at the time. We all have regrets…it’s part of being a human being. If only we all had a ‘take back’ button we could press and do things all over differently…I think we’d all be feverishly pounding on that button! :wink:

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Ok. Thanks.

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don’t worry too much.

I let things go. If it is very very unsettling for you and disturbs your peace, you can look into some ways.
I think people are very accepting and we learn to let go.


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