What do you think would cause this

I plan on talking to my doctor about this when I see her next but I have been having these mood swings where it feels like I had too much coffee to drink. I get really hyper and I feel kind of excited like. Sometimes they only last for minutes and other times it lasts for an hour or so… its getting to be really annoying. I though maybe I was have manic episodes but I looked that up online and I really dont think thats what it is. I dont know if medicine could cause that or not…I dont think im on medicine that would do that. It actually gets to the point sometimes where I shout things out loud. Its really weird. Its even happening while people are around me and its kind of embarrassing. The only way I know how to explain it is its like a rush of energy. I dont know what it is but I wish it would stop.

Sounds interesting, maybe even healthy. You could look to different kinds of therapy for management. It’s all about states of mind. Sounds counter intuitive but maybe you think a couple depressing thoughts to try and derail it.

Might be worth keeping a mood journal and give to your pdoc when you see her next. You can download mood journals just about everywhere on the net. Are even a few apps around.

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Ill look up mood journal and try that. Thanks for the suggestion.

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@mat3372 I don’t know what your official diagnosis is at this point, but this sounds like it could be hypomania/mania
Even some doctors that are not so familiar with bipolar or schizoaffective get confused.
Hypomanic episodes can be very short lived, a lot of docs do not know this. My pdoc understands this, but she understands bipolar and SZA and how these mood swings work.

I get this way sometimes - I feel energized and silly, talk louder, act revved up and yesterday for like an hour or so, I was also careless on the road diving a bit and was just acting stupid. This can be part of the manic scale - I would keep track of these episodes - it very well could be hypomania or it might not, but it does sound like it could be to me

my official diagnosis is paranoid schizophrenic.

Likewise broseph.

My condition has recently got worse and sometimes Im like that but I dont shout ill just say"I hate em all" or “dont like none of em” talking about people in general out of the blue and I don’t take meds.

I forgot what its called but on youtube theres videos of people that do this that aren’t sz and its some kind of sezuire is what they say.

I saw this one vid where this dude would just say swear words out of the blue like WHORE!! Or KISS MY ASS!! And he tries to hold his mouth shut but can’t.

I agree with @Dreamscape

A mood journal sounds like a good idea… maybe note if your hitting some stress or if you had a stressful incident the day before.

For me… if I had a stressing incident… the adrenaline will build up… and that will trigger either me leaving my body or a manic hit… or a panic attack.

Writing stuff like this down can sometimes reveal a pattern. Good luck and I hope you feel better.

I have witnessed people with tourettes syndrome with that kind of behavior, but i know very little about the diagnosis. I know it involves involuntary yelling and cussing, but that is all i know, and it is uncontrollable. You may want to do some reading up on t on the internet about it on the internet and see if possibly it fits what you are going through, maybe you are experiencing a mild form of it?