What do you think the biggest blessing in your life is

What do you think the biggest blessing in your life is? One of them is medicine for me.


i had a great life.


Finally finding a good medicine combination that works and being free of delusions/paranoia.


Finally being at a point in my life where I honestly believe the people who claim to love me, when they say they love me


I have schizophrenia which is a bit of bad luck. But in everything else I seem to have good luck.

Good family.

I ended up in emergency twice whilst psychotic and my mother said I’ll take care of you rather than the wards…

I slept on a camp bed in the lounge room and it really helped me get better. Family for sure.


I have many blessings. My family has stuck by me since I got diagnosed at age 19 in 1980. Both my parents are dead but I still have my sisters and step-parents. I could never thank them enough for what they’ve done me or repay them for all they’ve done.

Another blessing is the way the course of my life turned out. At the beginning of my disease I was severly, severly ill. At age 19 I spent a year at a world famous, experimental house for schizophrenics. I was unmedicated and went through hell, every minute of every day for that entire year. I made zero progress in my recovery–phttth!! I didn’t even have a recovery! And saw no hope in sight.

From there it was into a psychiatric hospital where I spent 8 months more of suffering. But I got out and moved directly into a real nice group home, in a nice neighborhood in a nice, beautiful city with tree lined streets and million dolllar homes. I slowly started getting better and now 37 years later I’m looking back on an often-fulfilling life.

My life now compared to my twenties is like night and day. I still have problems for sure and I have schizophrenia but enough goes right in my life to make living worthwhile. I went from not functioning for two and a half years in my twenties to having an apartment and a job and a car and other ammenities now.

So yeah, with lots of help, lots of hard work and lots of luck I pulled out of a downward spiral in my twenties to relative comfort now and my own version of happiness, with lots of great memories.


My kid seems to be safe, happy and healthy despite all turmoil and threats.


I have been very lucky despite having schizophrenia, i am grateful for my own apartment my part time time job in a book shop, my ap meds and although my mum has passed away the rest off my family are very good to me!

That its not forever.

My friends and boyfriend tbh

Intelligent people who’ve discovered things.

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Family, and friends lol, what little friends I have

God and my wife.

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Having good helpful parents the most.

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Having a home. Family. My dog. Food to eat and fresh water. Clothing. A warm bed at night. Privacy.

A roof over my head and food in my belly. Not always tasty food but food nonetheless

Great terms with family
An apartment with food and clothes
Meds n PSR

My imagination. It’s what I live for.

Another blessing is that I just have sz, no other disorders or illnesses. No anxiety, no depression, no personality disorder, etc I see here that lots of sz/sza patients have these, anxiety, depression, etc

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