What do you think? Pics


I like the green colour. It’s relaxing. The skies look gloomy though.


wow, is that a real place?. i would want to live there…not at home but in the fields.

I had another pic but it’s too big to upload

quite gloomy… very dramatic… looks fake… if it’s real that’s an incredibly good thing…

it almost looks like cg though… real photos on 3d models… if you managed to put all that together… still kudos to you

It’s real uts taken from an iPhone and edited.


such a beautiful place.

I am moving to Kerala (Hopefully) in a week.

It is another beautiful place and probably the only place left in this country of ■■■■ …I will upload pics of Kerala once I reach there.

It would be fantastic for me atleast, new place , new experience and a new life.


wow really beautiful Ish, never knew England had such beauty.

Please do post pics I look forward to it. My bro loved kerela.

It’s neaR Wales :smile:

Britain has always had good scenery… especially Scotland…

good work beyond coloration and filters… these photos are balanced

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Yup will do.

Lived my entire life in this ■■■■ of Bangalore…It has become a dustbin …actually all cities in India are pretty much dustbin…Overpopulated garbage.

Finally Im moving to Kerala - Gods own country.

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But the Pics are just unbelievable !!!

you can never find such beauty in this filthy garbage India.

Wish I could move abroad, Actually I dont want to…Just Kerala it is !!.

Somethings better than nothin

Europe is just so beautiful.

I went to Rajasthan just too good. :smile: and I’m Gujju so i went Jamnagar and stayed there a while. Loved it!!!

hmm yeah the Desert and Sanddunes are good

I think the FIRST THING one has to do once he/she gets an opportunity to leave this HELL is to sign a personal note to never ever think about returning to this hell-hole called India

And to be honest Ish

Apart from few places like : North East India, Tibet, Kashmir and parts of Kerala…The whole country is in ■■■■ and garbage…No SANE human would ever want to live here…And 1.4 billion filthy humans call it proudly their home.

Have a Bungalow in the midst of starving, dying Humanity and they call it Mera Bharat Mahaan (My India is Great !)

That is your India.

Oh and before that

China would take care of NE India and Tibet and Pakistan would take care of Kashmir.

Kerala would probably declare its independence.

That would leave the rest of the FILTHY HINDUS with their â– â– â– â– â– â–  up culture and their religion to their own.